A bit of a distraction

Greetings from East Dulwich! I was forced away from the blog for a bit due to an unrelenting migraine that forced me to step out of the world for a few days. Every time I thought it was finally over it would sneak up and pounce on me in a very rude and unwelcome manner. Needless to say I have spent most of the past week doing very little apart from laying in bed and moaning piteously. Sometimes just to break up the monotony I would try moaning in a different key…and once tried to distract myself by groaning my way through the score of ‘Les Miserables’. (I must say, my rendition of ‘Stars’ wasn’t bad. Definitely better than Russell Crowe’s.)

Ollie was a huge help. Once he got over his initial fright over the strange noises I was making, he curled up on my chest and kept me company. I would like to believe he knew I was in pain and was trying to comfort me, but in reality I think he just thought my moans were a human version of “purring”, which is why he sat on my chest. However, he did kill a very large bird and leave it for me on the front step, so perhaps he was playing nursemaid and trying to get me to eat. Either way, having his sweet kitty face near mine did in fact ease the misery.

I did venture out twice, each time thinking I was safely past it, but both excursions ended with me having to bug out early. Luckily I had had the foresight to get my doctor to prescribe me some pain pills before I left the states for occasions just such as this. I didn’t want to have to navigate through the health system of a foreign country while in agony. I live in fear of landing in a hospital where no one speaks English and after flailing about, babbling and moaning I end up doped out of my mind in a psych-ward.

So anyway, I am back and fighting fit. I leave for Leeds on Friday and am trying to mentally prepare myself for the move. This one will be very difficult as I have been very happy and cozy in this flat for the past five weeks, made many friends and it will be hard to weigh anchor and start all over. Each time I go to a new place, there is a period of adjustment as I accustom myself to my new environs and create a routine for myself as best as I can under the circumstances. Add to that the excitement of being someplace new and it is a interesting mental space I find myself in each time. One thing for sure, its never been boring.



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