The Beginning

Hello all, and welcome!! Thank you for stopping by. I do hope you find your stay to be pleasant. My name is Rebecca, and I’m here to tell you the crazy story of a woman (me) who, at the age of 47, chucked it all to go traveling around the world, economy style! Five months ago I had no idea I would be doing this. Oh, I wanted to. Desperately! Just ask my former co-workers, who were subjected to many night shifts of me kvetching endlessly about how I wanted to leave Orlando and write and travel, especially to the UK and Europe. I just didn’t think it was possible. I had no money saved up for it, and was shit out of luck on any rich relatives ready to keel over and gift me a hefty inheritance. It seemed it would only ever be a dream.

Until in the middle of one long, exhausting night shift in early April I finally said “Fuck it”…I’m doing it.

I really don’t know, or remember what specific moment triggered the decision, but once made I was committed to it. I went on a house/pet sitting website, applied for everything in the UK, and on April 17th scored a pet sit in London for two weeks starting June 20th.  And that was it. I was going.

My lease was ending up on my house, so I informed the landlord I would not be renewing. I made plans to sell and donate the majority of my belongings. The hardest part was telling my daughter what I was doing. She is a 25 year old college graduate with a good full time job and living on her own, but as I am her only parent…well, I would have to say she was not entirely thrilled with my impetuous decision to haul my ass three thousand miles away from her with no concrete date of return. But after many late night talks and promises of proper behavior on my part, she has been nothing but supportive.

And so here I am in London. My belongings are down to one small carry-on rolling suitcase and a leather backpack. I have no idea where I will be two months from now. I don’t know if I will be able to stretch my pennies to last until at least Christmas, or if I will be back in Orlando by Thanksgiving. But I do know that this is an amazing adventure and opportunity, and I will keep going for as long as I can and write and share as much as I can through this blog.

Thank you for sticking with me so far! Stay tuned for shenanigans and adventures!