Things ain’t all bad. 

I’ve finished writing part two, and now I just need to edit it, as I was up till 4 am working on it and got a little loopy. (I’m fairly certain it gets rather weird in the middle. I seem to have a vague memory of several paragraphs of me waxing poetically about grilled cheese sandwiches.)  I haven’t gone back and looked at it yet, as I just returned home today from finishing a large “Under the Sea” poolside mural I was contracted to paint before I “left”. I needed to add a turtle and some flourishes, which I have now completed. My clients were very pleased and happy with my work…which made me happy as well. And I can’t thank them enough for the opportunity as this was my first big solo freelance gig. 

I found myself relieved to have this project to complete as it afforded me the opportunity to gain back a bit of my confidence. Although for the first two hours I admit I just stared at the wall…terrified of a damn turtle. But I did it…and with each brush stroke I could feel my “mojo” forcing it’s way to the surface. Besides, as I always remind myself and any artists I’m working with….it’s just paint. Nobody dies if you screw it up…you just have to fix it and then carry on. Which can be frustrating, but at least nobody gets carried off on a gurney if your turtle ends up looking more like your Great Aunt Marge than a large aquatic reptile. 

I enjoyed the project, and would love more freelance opportunities…so if you feel a hankerin’ for some art to be done in your home or business feel free to get in touch. Just the US for now, of course. Need a work permit for out of the country.  You do know I love to travel. 🙂

I’m attaching some photos. You never know from where an opportunity may arise. It’s scary to put your work “out there” for comment or criticism, whether it be painting or writing. But it damn sure  isn’t scarier that being unwillingly “removed” from a foreign country.  

Back with you soon,