Arrivederci Florence….Wotcha London!

Just a quick post to wish everyone a Happy American Thanksgiving!  Its a bit weird, this is the second uniquely American holiday that I have spent in London and I enjoy the personal irony of both July 4th and Thanksgiving basically being celebrations of people telling England to piss off. Friends of mine from the states (co-workers of mine at Disney) are over here on holiday, so I will be meeting up with them tonight for food and shenanigans.

Yesterday morning I was in Florence and it was in the low 60’s…practically balmy. Today I am back in London and it is butt ass cold. (The exact temperature of butt ass cold is 50F according to NWS) It is also dark. My plane landed at Gatwick at 3:15, and when I finally made it out of the terminal at 4:45 it was pitch dark, which was a bit disconcerting. I have been warned….this is London till April.

Anyway, I just wanted to pop up and quickly say hello! Tomorrow I am heading to the National to work and shall give you a proper rundown of my past week in Florence. Till then…



P.S. Travel tip-When exploring an art museum, make sure you appreciate a sculpture from ALL available angles. The artist worked hard on his or her piece and it deserves to be given a proper look over.

Sculpture at the Uffizi gallery
Sculpture at the Uffizi gallery